AH Bennett was known as a major supplier of mostly siding, windows and roofing.  Arthur Henry Bennett started the business back in 1922.  Before being sold, it was in its third generation of family ownership.

With its vast assortment of contacts, they could get almost any sort of siding that you would need.  From vinyl to wood.  They did not stick to just one style of siding, they could source wood, plastic or even stone siding if needed.  They made sure that they either had or could get any sort of siding that the customer would need.

The window selection was diverse as well.  They carried a variety of makes and models.  You could source out a Wood frame, PVC, Aluminum, Steel or even fiberglass window frames.  Usually they would not install the wood windows in anything beyond a vintage home.  Nowadays the PVC and Fiberglass is used more in home construction.  Where the aluminum and steel are usually intended for industrial structures.  They could get you any window frame you needed though.

The company were able to supply both Commercial Roofing products or Residential.  They had the ability to supply almost everything needed to install a roof, from the insulation, to skylights, to sheet metal roofs.  They come from a variety of different vendors.  Not only were they able to supply the actual materials to put a roof on almost any structure, they had the equipment to do it as well.


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